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Whisky Oak Offset Smoker Fuel Splits 12-13kg Box

Whisky Oak Offset Smoker Fuel Splits 12-13kg Box

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Simply the best offset smoker fuel! Whisky Oak barrel splits, perfect for anything on your offset smoker.

These splits are available in a 12-13kg box and are cut from recently retired genuine Whisky barrels.

Use exclusively, or as an addition to your regular fuel. The flavour and colour is amazing. Not to mention the great burn time and aroma you only get with Oak of this quality!
Neatly packed in a cubic foot box (305 x 305 x 305mm) and bagged to ensure safe storage and minimal mess.
Treat yourself and your smoker to the best there is in firewood and smoker fuel.
Splits are cut to 260-290mm in length and generally between 40 and 120mm wide. Thickness will vary between 20mm and 40mm on average.
If you are looking for Whisky Oak smoking chunks instead, you can check out our smoking chunks here.


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