About Us

About Harry J's BBQ Smoking woods

Harry J's BBQ smoking woods... Who are we? 

Harry J's was born from a love of BBQ and timber combined (Yeah... a little strange right?!) Let us explain...

Founder, Ben already had a successful timber yard business. Selling and working with timber was second nature but focussed on the building/landscaping and joinery side of things. Ben and partner Emily had always loved good food and in particular BBQ, but not until 2019 and then further in spring 2020 (Yep... THAT year!) did the passion really ignite. 

Having struggled to find products that were high quality and in stock in the UK, plus looked great and sustainably sourced, the penny dropped! "We can do this ourselves! And better!" 

But... We needed a name for the brand! Upon making up some sample products, our then 18 month old came to inspect them. Spoiler alert! His name is Harry J! And from there Harry J's was born. 

From there, we sold our products on the usual channels (Ebay, Amazon Etc) and through our timber yard website. Until now, where we are able to offer our dedicated website to smoking woods and accessories. We have enjoyed seeing the growth of Harry J's and our loyal customer base of both commercial and home users. We look forward to adding more and more to the range and seeing the growth of UK BBQ in general!