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Lemon Pepper Flavoured Brine Mix

Lemon Pepper Flavoured Brine Mix

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Add flavour and tenderness in one with our signature brine mixes.

Uplift your chicken, add moisture to a beef roasting joint or take a gammon to the next level. Brining meats is simply one the most effective ways of locking in tenderness as the added moisture prevents drying out during cooking. The salt also acts to tenderise any meat making succulent, tender meals every time!

This Lemon Pepper brine mixture is simply perfect for chicken. A mixture of salt, lemon peel, lemon pepper and herbs creates a great flavour, beautifully tender chicken and a family favourite no matter what age.

Simply use one full packet (75g) to make up to 1.2 litres of brine mixture, brine for between 1.5 hours to overnight for very large cuts (A few hours is plenty for most things) 

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