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Hickory BBQ Wood Chunks

Hickory BBQ Wood Chunks

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Hickory BBQ Wood Chunks

Hickory is the king of BBQ smoking woods! The true American BBQ flavour and the most popular smoking wood in the states. Goes well with virtually anything but you don't need to use much,  meaning great economy too! Ribs can be lifted to something truly epic! The flavour is a medium to heavy smoke and pairs well with other woods to create unique flavours. Try Oak or Cherry for a fantastic result, or something a little lighter like Alder or Apple!

Our Hickory wood smoking chunks are around 40-80mm on average (Think approximately fist size) Making these a great choice for longer cooks and longer smoke times.

Our Hickory BBQ smoking chunks are imported directly from the USA. We have worked hard to secure a reputable supply of this fantastic smoking wood to ensure both quality and sustainability. The wood does not grow natively here and it's one of the exceptions we make when sourcing woods for BBQ that we cannot source locally.

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