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Flavour Kickers - Bundle #2

Flavour Kickers - Bundle #2

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Grab a taste of everything with the complete Flavour Kickers current range. Create unusual, exciting flavours with every meal without breaking the bank.

Our flavour kickers and bases can be used mixed together with suggested ratio of 4:1 base to kicker. However mix them up and create your own combinations that work for you and your family. 

The kickers also work well on their own mixed with basic household essentials such as bacon-ish and mayonnaise to create a perfect bacconaise sauce! The possibilities are endless!

Be sure to tag us on instagram or Facebook with #whatsyourflavour 

Bundle #2 contains:

Base 1 - The Salt & Pepper One (350g) - Salt, Pepper, Sugar and Garlic combined together to make a staple base suitable for most kickers.

Base 2 - The BBQ One (250g)- A mild BBQ flavour that works with most of the kickers to create some truly unique and great flavour combinations. 

Base 3 - The Sweet One (300g)- Our super sweet base, perfect for when you want that sticky sweet flavour. 

Bacon-ish kicker (50g) - We shouldn't have favourites as all the kickers are unique and great in their own way, however this is a favourite in our house. Smoky paprika combined with spices makes for a great bacon like flavour. 

Cola Bottle kicker (75g) - A firm, family favourite and surprisingly, works really well with all 3 bases, and even a combination of them all! Gives a sweet cola taste that works with most meats but in particular Chicken and pork.

Gin and Tonic kicker (75g) - Lemon combined with gin and tonic flavours make this an ideal rub for chicken. Base 1 and 3 would be our go-to with this kicker.

Cherry Chipotle kicker (50g) - Cherry meets chipotle in this beautiful combination. Works fanastically with all 3 bases.

Steak & Ale kicker (45g)- Smoked paprika and ground hops gives this that perfect beefy flavour with an ale kick working with base 1 is our suggestion. 

Thai Curry Kicker (50g) -  Lemon oil, paprika, star anise and more combine to create that lovely green Thai curry flavour. 

Hot BBQ Kicker (50g) - Spicy BBQ Kicker to add to any of our base rubs to create a great BBQ flavour. 

Coffee Kick Kicker (50g) - Coffee with a nice little heat punch, what's not to love. Works perfectly with red meat and game. Works with all 3 bases.

Smoky BBQ Kicker (50g)- A beautiful smoky bbq flavour provides the perfect flavour for most meat and veggies. Mix with base 1, 2 or 3 to create different flavours every time.

Hot Stuff Kicker (50g) - This one's not for the faint hearted, Jalapeño, birds eye chilli's and mixed chilli powder combine to make a beautiful, yet hot flavour. Works with all 3 bases, however gives a lovely sticky, sweet, spicy glaze when combined with Base 3. 

Mustard Kicker (50g) - This needs little explanation, mustard combined with herbs and that just right amount of sugar makes this give a great little punch to every meal.

Chilli & Garlic Kicker (50g) - Two firm favourites mixed together to create a simple, yet powerful little kicker. Works well (and so differently) with all 3 bases!

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