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Cedar Wood Grilling & Smoking Planks

Cedar Wood Grilling & Smoking Planks

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About our Cedar smoking planks:

Our Cedar wood smoking planks are perfect for adding that extra special flavour to Meat, and Fish! Perfect for Salmon and sure to impress guests in both flavour and presentation. 

Cedar provides a wonderful, sweet and smoky flavour without being too strong for delicate foods.

These extra thick planks are much better value than cheap, Chinese planks as you can be sure that they are sourced sustainably and locally plus the thicker size means you can get more than one cook from a single plank in most cases. 

Our planks are cut from raw log form and dried in house. 

Product dimensions:

These Cedar planks are cut to the following size:

  • 16mm (D) x 120mm (W) x 280mm (L)
  • Sizes can be plus or minus a few mm either way 

How to use: 

We recommend soaking our planks in water for 30 minutes to an hour before use to avoid them igniting and burning too quickly. you can choose to soak for longer or not at all. We recommend using these with an indirect heat source and they can be used indoors too! When the weather doesn't play ball, try using under the grill for that delicious smoked bbq taste without getting wet!

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