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Butchers Peach Paper Large Sheets 557mm x 530mm

Butchers Peach Paper Large Sheets 557mm x 530mm

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Peach paper (Butchers paper) The BBQ Saviour!

Butchers paper is the go-to for all professional and serious BBQ enthusiasts. Used in place of foil as a wrap for Brisket, Ribs, Pulled pork and everything in between!

The difference with peach paper is that it allows the meat to "breathe" So all of that lovely bark you've created with rubs/seasonings and grilling remains crispy and still gives the benefits of wrapping. To retain moisture, get through the "stall" period and keep in heat whilst resting. 

These large sheets will be big enough for almost any cook on the grill and saves having to buy a huge roll and dispenser too.

Sheet size is 557mm x 530mm (Just shy of 22" x 20")

Premium quality. The peach paper does not break up even when wet and strips cleanly away from the meat unlike some other papers available on the market.

Please note, these may arrive folded to aid with shipping. This does not affect use. 


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