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Black Angus Coffee Rub

Black Angus Coffee Rub

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This is our go-to beef rub, the colours and flavours are truly immense. The wild garlic and coffee really add an amazing flavour to all that moos! It really has to be tasted to be believed!

 Here's what Rusty BBQ Company say about this rub:

"Wild Garlic meets Blonde Roast Coffee, Black Garlic, the freshest Cornish Sea Salt and an array of amazingly rich herbs and spices.

 A little hint of heat, meets natural sweetness to elevate this absolutely stellar rub. Oh and it’s black!

We have combined the amazing flavours in this epic rub with activated Charcoal which adds not only an air of theatre, but also aids the perfect bark and crust for ShortRibs, Brisket, Steaks and just about everything beef. This is the next level beef rub which will blow your mind!"


Cornish Sea Salt, Black Garlic, Coconut Sugar, Black Pepper, Ancho Chilli, Onion, Activted Charcoal, Scottish Wild Garlic, British Oregano, Paprika

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