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Mystery BBQ Smoking Box Bundle #01

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£45.00 GBP
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£60.00 GBP
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£45.00 GBP
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Monster value in this one! BBQ smoking mystery box. RRP £55 - £60. Grab a serious bargain and maybe try something new!

Are you after a great bargain on some BBQ smoking supplies?  You're in the right place for sure! This so called "Mystery box" is EPIC value for money and it's not all a complete mystery... Just leaves a few choices for us to make on exactly what you'll get.

Heres the deal... 

  • Great mix of items, not just a box full of anything we can find!
  • Set product types as a minimum (See below)
  • FREE UK delivery
  • As always, AWESOME products at a great price. It's what we do!

This bundle will include:

  • Minimum 1x BBQ rub
  • Minimum 2kg BBQ wood chunks
  • Minimum 1x 325g bags of BBQ wood chips
  • Minimum 1x 75g Flavoured brine mix

 The rest will be selected from the above products or from the rest of our range and up to a value of £55 - £60! This is where our choice comes in... You may receive more wood chunks, or chips. Maybe an extra rub/seasoning or two, perhaps a sauce or more brine mix, maybe some natural firelighters or even a £5 or £10 gift card... That's the mystery bit.

But we promise you'll enjoy the products, there's nothing past it's date or unworthy of being on our website to begin with!