Flavour Kickers Rubs & Seasonings


What are Flavour Kickers?

The flavour kickers core range is based on two parts. The base rub and the kicker. This allows you to mix your own combinations of bases and kickers to make the perfect rub for all the family, on all occasions!

We developed this as everyone has their own taste when it comes to rubs. With Flavour Kickers, you can have a combination of many hundreds of rubs to hand. All without spending thousands and sourcing all manner of ingredients.

How do I use Flavour Kickers?

It's super easy!

Simply mix your chosen base rub(s) with any chosen kicker(s) at approximately a 4 part base to 1 part kicker ratio. Rub onto meat or veggies and cook as normal. This ratio generally works well, but you can change this to suit how you want the flavours to be. That's the beauty of Flavour Kickers!

Do I need to have a base and a kicker?

Yes, in most cases! Sometimes a base will do just fine on it's own, and the same for some kickers. Especially if used as seasonings or additions to sauces etc. However, they were designed to compliment each other and for the mixing of your own creations to suit your taste. We recommend using both for the best experience!