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Caradoc British Charcoal

Caradoc British Charcoal

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 Caradoc 100% British Charcoal

The very best Charcoal we've tried, bar none. And 100% British too!

We love to BBQ and that means we've tried lots of charcoal over the years. We truly believe that Caradoc is the best there is. With fantastic flavour and exceptional burn time it is also great value for money. From quick wings to all night pulled pork or brisket and everything in between.

Available in 3kg or 6kg bag sizes.

Here is what Caradoc say:

"Our product is 100% natural made with sustainably sourced British wood, and we believe we are the only charcoal producers using the retort method in Shropshire. 

We produce charcoal from a mix of hardwoods to create a blend that is fast lighting and hot burning. It will get up to temperature within minutes which means you can get on with the barbequing, and most importantly the eating!

This product is steeped in the provenance of traditional production and it can provide a premium BBQ experience. The right charcoal can make cooking outdoors a gourmet event. It is pure of any additives, 100% British and works far more efficiently than the usual shop bought variety.

Our charcoal is produced and created using our British manufactured Charcoal Retort supplied by PressVess therefore ensuring that not only are our products British from source to completion, the charcoal making process is undertaken using a retort made and supplied in Britain."

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